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American Society For the Prevention of Cruelity to Husbands

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelity to Husbands

Cincinnati Man Arrested After Robbing Store With Hot Pepper

A Cincinnati man is under arrest and is charged with armed robbery after he allegedly held up a local convenience store with a hot pepper. Police say the man walked into the New Delhi Convenience Mart on Madison Street last Tuesday afternoon and threatened to poke the store clerk’s eyes with the hot pepper if he did not … Continue reading

Argument Over Meatball Leaves One Dead At Christmas Party

An argument over a meatball has left a Holbrook man dead and police say that another man is behind bars and has been charged with the tragic killing. Brockton police say that the two men were attending a company Christmas party when they began arguing after one employee accused the other of eating his meatball. … Continue reading

Aggressive Turkeys Force Town Emergency, Drastic Measures

Officials in Brookline, Massachusetts held an emergency town meeting after a series of brazen daylight attacks have left 46 injured and many others terrified to leave their homes. According to police, the town is under siege by gangs of wild turkeys. All schools and town offices have been ordered to close until the situation has … Continue reading

We Found It Funny


Joe Biden ” I’m ready to tackle the fiscal clit “

As President Obama is out of the country visiting Asia, Vice President Joe Biden filled in and gave the  weekly press conference in the Oval Office yesterday. Lovable Joe went off script when asked about the looming fiscal cliff and reporters were delighted as the gaff machine put his foot in his mouth again and … Continue reading

Disaster In Space, Polish Solonauts Doomed!

The Polish space agency Ikarus has reported that the space vessel Pegaz is in serious trouble and the lives of the three solonauts  are in grave danger after the on board sausage maker failed. Solonaut Micheal Latkas, contacted technicians by walkie-talkie last Tuesday and reported that bottles of beer had exploded in an overhead compartment … Continue reading

California Woman Divorces Cat Husband

UPI – San Diego. A 56-year-old California woman has filed for divorce from her husband. Nothing strange about that, except in this case the husband happens to be a 26-pound tomcat named Mr Pomegranate. Mrs. Amelia Johnson of Los Angeles, has filed papers in county court seeking divorce from her husband of only two years, … Continue reading