Cincinnati Man Arrested After Robbing Store With Hot Pepper


Cincinnati police arrested 52 year-old Philip Myers and charged him with armed robbery after he allegedly held up a local store armed with a hot pepper.

A Cincinnati man is under arrest and is charged with armed robbery after he allegedly held up a local convenience store with a hot pepper.

Police say the man walked into the New Delhi Convenience Mart on Madison Street last Tuesday afternoon and threatened to poke the store clerk’s eyes with the hot pepper if he did not hand over the cash register.

Police apprehended Philip Myers, 52, of nearby Westwood, OH after they received a 911 call from the store clerk, and say they found the spicy weapon on his person. Police say that the pepper Myers used in the heist, the much-feared ghost pepper, is the second-hottest pepper in the world. If used, it would have caused serious eye irritation and perhaps even permanent damage.

“It’s a good thing that the clerk, an Indian national, recognized the pepper for what it was,” said Police Lt. Gerry Pearsall. “They make pepper spray from these types of peppers. They are no joke.”

Police say that an attempted robbery at vegetable-point is not unprecedented. In 2006, a 23-year-old Kentucky man was imprisoned following an failed heist at the Cincinnati Credit Union during which he used a banana concealed in his coat pocket. Police arrested the perpetrator just outside the bank, where he had slipped and fallen on his weapon.

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