California Woman Divorces Cat Husband

UPI – San Diego. A 56-year-old California woman has filed for divorce from her husband. Nothing strange about that, except in this case the husband happens to be a 26-pound tomcat named Mr Pomegranate. Mrs. Amelia Johnson of Los Angeles, has filed papers in county court seeking divorce from her husband of only two years, an unemployed 28-pound tabby.

56-year-old Johnson and Mr Pomegranate on their wedding day in 2010. The couple were the first human-feline marriage alowed under Californians Interpretative Marriage law.

Johnson and Mr Pomegranate were legally married two years ago, shortly after the Interpretative Marriage law was passed by the California Senate. The bill was designed to make same sex marriage easier but a loop hole allows any adult to legally wed ‘any man, woman or beloved partner.’

Mrs. Johnson, a part-time waitress, owns 16 other cats and said that her marriage to the 12-year-old tabby was dreadful.

“I thought he would change once we were married but I was wrong. Pomey never worked, he stayed out all night doing God knows what, and then slept all day,” Johnson said. “One night I went out with friends and while I was gone, he sprayed all over our new furniture, a wedding gift from my mother.”

Despite public outcry from religious organizations to overturn the bill, it still remains on the books mostly because the divorce rate for Interpretative Marriages is a fraction of that for traditional marriages.

“As far as I know, this is the first divorce out of the nearly 1,200 Interpretative Marriages sanctioned by the state. Most of these I.M.’s are between straight man and a transsexual or a beloved farm animal, pretty straightforward stuff,” said Jeremiah Tableau of the Marriage Data Department. “ As a result of the new law,we have had marriages that are a little bizarre. There’s a guy from Red Bluff who married a beach chair, a woman in Sacramento who wed an autographed George Clooney poster and there’s a fella up in San Francisco who legally married a butternut squash. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what legislators had in mind when they passed the bill,” chuckled Tableau.

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