Argument Over Meatball Leaves One Dead At Christmas Party

An argument over a meatball has left a Holbrook man dead and police say that another man is behind bars and has been charged with the tragic killing. Brockton police say that the two men were attending a company Christmas party when they began arguing after one employee accused the other of eating his meatball. Police say the the two co-workers were involved in a physical confrontation when Paul Jefferson, 52, of Holbrook, fell on a toppled menorah and received multiple injuries which lead to his death. Police arrested the suspect Robert Baker, 49, of Plainville and charged him with aggravated assault and manslaughter.

Brockton Police were called to Brockton Printing Press on Washington Street early yesterday afternoon and found the body of Jefferson on the floor where he had apparently died from nine menorah puncture wounds. Baker had fled the scene but was found nearby hiding in some bushes where he was arrested. Baker will be arraigned in Stoughton District Court on Monday morning.

Eyewitnesses say that the fight started when the food ran out.

“The food was gone in six minutes,” said fellow employee Amy Welson. “Everybody that paid the cover charge was supposed to get one meatball or half a sandwich but some people took both. Rob showed up a little late and all the meatballs, including his, were gone. He got quite upset. I think he blamed Jefferson because he was the fattest one at the party.”

Brockton Printing Press owner Peter Silverburg, said that it goes to show that you can spend a lot of money on a party and still be disappointed. While Silverburg awaits autopsy results, specifically the analysis of stomach contents, he has asked all employees for stool samples in order to find out who ate the second meatball.

“A lot of planning and money went into this years party,” said Silverburg. “We try to make it better every year. This year we moved the party from the supply closet to the loading dock so people could dance and we had a delicious catering from Ocean State Job Lot. We even dropped the cover charge from ten dollars to eight and then this happens.”

“I’m truly sorry that Jefferson is dead,” said the distraught Silverman, “but somebody is going to have to  pay for that broken menorah.”

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