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A Royal Wedding Bigger Than the Brits’

Vowing never to be outdone by the British, an Alabama couple went over-the-top for their own wedding. Clyde Royal, 59, of Derby, AL and Donna “Pebbles” Zonfrelli of Lakeview, AL said that they were fed-up with all the attention that the British couple was receiving. “The world should be lookin’ at us, lookin’ at  America. … Continue reading

Blinded By Love

The State of Florida passed legislation today banning the plastic figurines that adorn wedding cakes, also  known as “wedding cake toppers.” State officials passed the bill after a woman was hospitalized following a wedding day accident that left her blind. On April 14th, Citronella (Squibbs) Moth, 20, of Mudflats, FL suffered permanent eye damage when … Continue reading