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Suicide By Jamaica

In 2005, when Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world, officials at the Jamaican Tourism Department wondered how they could capitalize on the deadly distinction. They threw the challenge out to employees and three months later, John “Bee-Bee” Champlain, a pickle-bucket drummer and part-time employee at the Tourism Department, came up with a … Continue reading

Airlines Struggle To Cut Costs

High fuel costs are forcing the airline industry to adopt new policies that cut costs and allow them to remain solvent. Here are the top 10 ideas that airline executives came up with to save money. Expect to see changes the next time you fly. 10. Stop buying new tires for aircraft. Buy used tires … Continue reading

Noise From Modified Motorcycle Kills Man, Levels Neighborhood

Police in Hudson, Nebraska report that a local man died on Tuesday when his modified motorcycle produced a sonic boom so powerful that it killed him instantly and devastated an entire neighborhood. Nebraska State Police say 35-year-old Michael “Blubber” Scozy’s modified Harley Davidson motorcycle exploded as he was test-driving the experimental bike near his neighborhood. … Continue reading