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Black Friday

Two Crashes,One Man Injured In Charity Bike Ride.

When Paul Kelly of Beccles, England got laid off from his job 6 months ago he knew he had to do something positive with his time so he decided to get drunk every day and wallow in despair. Three months later the depressed, unkempt engineer found himself 45 pounds heavier and needed surgery to remove … Continue reading

D.C.’s “Don’t Go Out After After Dark” Program Goes Nationwide

President Barack Obama announced yesterday that the Federal government will invest over 200 Million dollars in Washington D.C’s “Don’t Go Out After Dark” program. The program has been popular with inner city youths, drug dealers and pimps living near the District of Columbia but has been met with skepticism from police, former victims and disoriented … Continue reading

Fredricks Of New Hampshire Winter Catalog Is Here!


Hockey Fans Angered By Players’ Conduct

Hockey fans are in an uproar after last night’s Capitols/Penguins game took an ugly turn that left many fans wondering if players’ behavior has gone too far. The deplorable conduct of two players during the game made national headlines, and some fans are demanding that changes be made to National Hockey League rules. The incident … Continue reading

Residents Angry After Police Arrest Burglar

West Palm Beach police have finally arrested the elusive cat-burglar who had broken into dozens of  homes over the last four months. The thief targeted homes in upscale neighborhoods and had an eye for expensive furniture. Police had very little to go on but profilers believed that the culprit might have been gay. “This guy … Continue reading

Armed Robber Offended By His “Wanted” Poster

  Armed Robber Offended By His “Wanted” Poster By Roland Doobie North Brimfield, MA – The North Brimfield police department received a surprise visit yesterday from a man wanted for armed robbery. Kendall Burns walked into the station holding a police bulletin with a sketch matching the description of a man who robbed Milton’s Feed … Continue reading

Timmy Reveals The Truth – “Lassie pushed me in the well”

For the last  38 years, child television star Timmy Miller laid in a coma after suffering a fall into an abandoned well. Last Monday, Timmy Miller opened his eyes and told nurses that his co-star Lassie had pushed him into the well. Timmy and  Lassie were co-stars in the popular television show Lassie which ran … Continue reading

Strum-All Releases Wheat Wine Called Spiticus

Strum-All Releases New Beer