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Boy Trapped Under Bookbag, Nearly Dies

A ten-year old Massachusetts boy remains in fair condition after he became trapped under his overstuffed school book bag while walking to his school. The 97-pound boy was trapped under the bag for over two hours before he was discovered by a neighbor, who took pictures, posted them on Facebook and then called police.The boy … Continue reading

Daredevil To Jump Over Rosanne Barr’s Vagina

Motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel announced today that he will attempt to jump over Rosanne Barr’s vagina during a live televised event during the Fourth of July celebration in Las Vegas. Robbie, son of famous daredevil Evil Knievel, said that this will be the longest jump he’s ever attempted. He has been planning the jump for … Continue reading

Bird Strikes Prompt FAA To Fast Track New Jetliner

Boeing Aircraft unveiled a new commercial aircraft designed to scare away birds during takeoffs and landings, this after two commercial jetliners, filled with terrified passengers, were forced to make emergency landings after the planes were crippled by bird-strike damage. The FAA has spent nearly four billion Dollars developing the new NightStalker aircraft and recently, under … Continue reading

Thought to Be Extinct, Rare Creature Sighted in New Engalnd

(UPI) Worcester, MA – Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts are keeping an eye out, hoping to spot a creature that has not been seen for nearly 40 years. Anthropologists say that the creature, commonly called the “kid that shovels snow,” has come back from the brink of extinction. Eighty-nine-year-old Irene Collins says that one of the … Continue reading

Humanitarian Group’s Dollars Providing Cigarettes To Children.

THESE CHILDREN NEED TOBACCO…WON’T YOU HELP? Every year millions of children wake up on Christmas morning and find themselves without any cigarettes to smoke. The reasons are many—but all are equally heartbreaking. Sometimes abusive parents won’t allow the children  to have cigarettes. Many of these  children don’t  have the money to afford  the cheapest of … Continue reading

Obese Woman Files Lawsuit After McDonald’s Refuses To Serve Her

Police in Pickens, Mississippi arrested a woman after she assaulted employees and caused extensive damage to a McDonald’s restaurant because they refused to serve the overweight customer more food. Ten people were hospitalized and nearly 30,000 dollars damage was done to the restaurant. Police say Georgina “Speck” Tyler, 31, of Danscreek, Mississippi, allegedly tossed a Christmas … Continue reading

California Prison Population Now Exceeds General Population

This morning, California officially became the first state in which the prison population exceeds the general population. At 9:45 am, prisoner ID number CA-121411N was processed at the Mule Creek State Penitentiary, becoming the 37,356,892d prisoner of the state of California. According to the 2010 US Census, the total population of California is 37,253,956. California’s … Continue reading

Gingrich Arrested Following Physical Assaults During Debate.

Newt Gingrich continues to extend his lead as the front-runner of the GOP hopefuls following last night’s debate at the Trump Towers in New York. The debate, moderated by Donald Trump, lasted nearly 60 minutes and proved to be the most lively debate so far this year. Gingrich came under constant attack by his opponents, … Continue reading

Herman Cain Fathers Kardashian Bastard Child!

Kourtney Kardashian announced today that she is pregnant, and that the father of the baby is none other than Herman Cain. The Republican candidate has spent the last month dodging allegations of infidelity, and this could be the one that brings his candidacy down. At a rally in Detroit, Cain initially denied knowing Kourtney Kardashian, … Continue reading

Florida Woman Finds Worthless Painting!

A 72 year Florida woman made the purchase of a lifetime recently when she bought a rare painting that could fetch as much as three hundred cents at auction.The painting is one of only six known in existence and the lucky lady found the treasure at a yard sale and only paid five dollars for … Continue reading