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Despite Injuries, Illegal Immigrant ‘Happiest Man In The US de A!’

(UPI) Bisbee, AZ — When 42-year-old Mexican migrant worker, Papito Cruz, was severely injured after falling from the US border fence, he thought his life was ruined. The accident occurred during an illegal nighttime crossing into the U.S. in December 2011. Cruz became snagged in the barbed wire that stretches along the top of the … Continue reading

Illegal Donkeys Crossing Into US

In their latest attempt to outsmart immigration officials, illegal aliens crossing into the US have come up with another ingenious way to get over the border undetected. They are donning costumes and sauntering into the US disguised as donkeys, burros and jackasses. Although agents patrol the fences day and night, thousands of illegals continue to … Continue reading