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Local Angler Hauls In Record Catch

Contribution by Fur, Fish & Game Magazine, July 2011 If you want to catch the big one you must have a lot of patience and nobody knows this better than Paul Harrison of Rumford ME. Paul has been fishing the polluted waters of the Penobscot River in Maine for 65 years without catching much, but … Continue reading

Thought to Be Extinct, Rare Creature Sighted in New Engalnd

(UPI) Worcester, MA – Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts are keeping an eye out, hoping to spot a creature that has not been seen for nearly 40 years. Anthropologists say that the creature, commonly called the “kid that shovels snow,” has come back from the brink of extinction. Eighty-nine-year-old Irene Collins says that one of the … Continue reading

Noneofthe Above Takes Lead in Polls, Popularity Surging for GOP Candidate

Keene, NH — With two days to go before the New Hampshire Republican primary, the field of candidates has been reshuffled and a new front-runner has emerged. A final re-count of the Iowa caucus votes shows that GOP candidate Noneofthe Above got 13 percent of the vote. Buoyed by this fourth place finish, Above has … Continue reading

California Prison Population Now Exceeds General Population

This morning, California officially became the first state in which the prison population exceeds the general population. At 9:45 am, prisoner ID number CA-121411N was processed at the Mule Creek State Penitentiary, becoming the 37,356,892d prisoner of the state of California. According to the 2010 US Census, the total population of California is 37,253,956. California’s … Continue reading

Hollywood Jones Goes Slumming For The Holidays.

Inmates at the Mystical Mental Institution aren’t getting much sleep these days as they eagerly await the arrival of Hollywood Jones this coming Friday. The 28-year-old superstar is slated to make a sympathetic appearance at her former workplace as part of a court ordered community service ruling. Thirty two inmates, some crafting engagement rings from … Continue reading

American Skater Dupree Lands Elusive Triple Camel-toe

Top American skating champion Renee Dupree thrilled the figure skating world yesterday after he landed a perfect triple camel-toe. Cell phone video shows Dupree and three cheerleaders nailing the move at a local skating rink after the rink was closed. The seemingly impossible maneuver has been done before but usually in a pool. The move was … Continue reading

We Found It Funny

                                A funny link here.Thanks to College Humor.

Herman Cain’s Dick Says, “He May Not Have, But I Definatly Did Those Bitches!”

After weeks of denying charges of sexual misconduct, Herman Cain finally got his hand caught in the nookie jar when Ginger White (who is neither, by the way) came forward last week and claimed that she’s been having a 13-year affair with the Georgia businessman. This last incident blew the Cain train off the campaign … Continue reading

Florida Court Orders Mother Of 15 To Learn Fellatio

Tampa, Fla. – Angel Adams, an  unemployed mother of 15 children, has been ordered by a Florida court judge to take fellatio lessons in an attempt to slow down the onslaught of illegitimate children spewing from her vagina. The unusual sentence follows weeks of arrests, court appearances and network interviews. Judge Tracy Sheehan handed down … Continue reading

Florida Woman Finds Worthless Painting!

A 72 year Florida woman made the purchase of a lifetime recently when she bought a rare painting that could fetch as much as three hundred cents at auction.The painting is one of only six known in existence and the lucky lady found the treasure at a yard sale and only paid five dollars for … Continue reading