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Herman Cain’s Dick Says, “He May Not Have, But I Definatly Did Those Bitches!”

After weeks of denying charges of sexual misconduct, Herman Cain finally got his hand caught in the nookie jar when Ginger White (who is neither, by the way) came forward last week and claimed that she’s been having a 13-year affair with the Georgia businessman. This last incident blew the Cain train off the campaign … Continue reading

Herman Cain Fathers Kardashian Bastard Child!

Kourtney Kardashian announced today that she is pregnant, and that the father of the baby is none other than Herman Cain. The Republican candidate has spent the last month dodging allegations of infidelity, and this could be the one that brings his candidacy down. At a rally in Detroit, Cain initially denied knowing Kourtney Kardashian, … Continue reading