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Holldron Collider Vibrations Pleasing Local Women

Scientists working at  the Large Holdron Collider facility located underneath the Swiss-Franco border say that the massive collider is causing an unexpected phenomenon that has local women abuzz.  Reports says that the particle accelerator  produces intense vibrations that are having an unintended but climatic effect on women in the area. “Oh, it’s wonderful,” says local … Continue reading

Daredevil To Jump Over Rosanne Barr’s Vagina

Motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel announced today that he will attempt to jump over Rosanne Barr’s vagina during a live televised event during the Fourth of July celebration in Las Vegas. Robbie, son of famous daredevil Evil Knievel, said that this will be the longest jump he’s ever attempted. He has been planning the jump for … Continue reading

Bird Strikes Prompt FAA To Fast Track New Jetliner

Boeing Aircraft unveiled a new commercial aircraft designed to scare away birds during takeoffs and landings, this after two commercial jetliners, filled with terrified passengers, were forced to make emergency landings after the planes were crippled by bird-strike damage. The FAA has spent nearly four billion Dollars developing the new NightStalker aircraft and recently, under … Continue reading

Hallmark Misprint Angers Catholics

UPI- Hallmark Cards finds itself in hot water again after a typographical error on some of it’s Easter cards offended some hearing-impaired and religious consumers. An official spokesperson at Hallmark said that it was an honest mistake and no offense as intended. The official also said that a free I So Sorry card would be … Continue reading

We Found It Funny

The Real House Wives of South Boston

American Skater Dupree Lands Elusive Triple Camel-toe

Top American skating champion Renee Dupree thrilled the figure skating world yesterday after he landed a perfect triple camel-toe. Cell phone video shows Dupree and three cheerleaders nailing the move at a local skating rink after the rink was closed. The seemingly impossible maneuver has been done before but usually in a pool. The move was … Continue reading

Frosty the Snowman Arrested!

This is a true story. CHESTERTOWN, Md.- A man dressed up in a “Frosty the Snowman” costume was whisked away in handcuffs Saturday.  It sounds outrageous, but that is exactly what happened during the annual holiday parade in Chestertown. Chestertown police said 52-year-old Kevin Walsh, who was dressed as Frosty, got a little out of hand. Video … Continue reading

We Found It Funny

                                A funny link here.Thanks to College Humor.

Florida Court Orders Mother Of 15 To Learn Fellatio

Tampa, Fla. – Angel Adams, an  unemployed mother of 15 children, has been ordered by a Florida court judge to take fellatio lessons in an attempt to slow down the onslaught of illegitimate children spewing from her vagina. The unusual sentence follows weeks of arrests, court appearances and network interviews. Judge Tracy Sheehan handed down … Continue reading

Florida Woman Finds Worthless Painting!

A 72 year Florida woman made the purchase of a lifetime recently when she bought a rare painting that could fetch as much as three hundred cents at auction.The painting is one of only six known in existence and the lucky lady found the treasure at a yard sale and only paid five dollars for … Continue reading