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Holiday Tragedy As Ship Attacked In Boston Harbor.

Disaster struck today during 4th of July festivities in Boston when naval re-enactors accidentally sunk a party boat in Boston harbor. The ship, Spirit of Boston went down instantly, sending it’s 350 passengers and their over-priced drinks into the chilly waters. At least 35 people were injured and hundreds got wet. One  person remains missing. … Continue reading

American Wins 2112 Boston Marathon!

For the first time in 17 years, an American won the Boston Marathon. Not only did he win, but he did it in record time. Paul “Pasta Diablo” Mazzarelli, 45, of Lynn, MA surprised the world when he out-kicked Geoffry Mutai and Moses Mosof of Kenya to win the Boston Marathon’s 116th running. Mazzarelli did … Continue reading

Local Hero Risks Life To Save Handbag

Boston police are calling a local man “ a true hero” following an incident on May 7th along Boston’s waterfront. Police report that on the evening of May 7th, Bobby Bou, of Canton, dove into the frigid waters of Boston Harbor to save a Versace satchel. “ Around 6:55 P.M. we received a call that … Continue reading