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Osama Betrayed By Love

For 10 years Osama Bin Laden eluded capture. The head of the al-Qaeda network was dogged by drone planes, satellites, phone intercepts and high-tech surveillance, but in the end it was a simple thing called “love” that betrayed him. Lt. Major Jack Scour at the Pentagon’s Counter Terrorism Unit said, “We had reliable intel that … Continue reading

32 School Children Saved By Double-Knit Slacks

Thirty-two children are safe-and-sound today after being rescued from their burning school building by a Good Samaritan. The students, ages six to 11, were trapped when fire broke out on the second floor of the David Duke Elementary School. A passerby, John Kelly, 82, saw smoke coming from the building and heard cries for help. … Continue reading

Obama Provides Proof of Birthplace

President Barrack Obama, under increasing pressure from Republicans and the media, finally provided disputable proof that he was born in the United States. He presented two altered copies of the long-form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii. In addition, he provided a photo that was taken in the Honolulu maternity ward where he was … Continue reading

A Royal Wedding Bigger Than the Brits’

Vowing never to be outdone by the British, an Alabama couple went over-the-top for their own wedding. Clyde Royal, 59, of Derby, AL and Donna “Pebbles” Zonfrelli of Lakeview, AL said that they were fed-up with all the attention that the British couple was receiving. “The world should be lookin’ at us, lookin’ at  America. … Continue reading

Andrew Zimmern Eats His Own Balls

Chef, writer and culinary explorer Andrew Zimmern has traveled the globe seeking the most unusual and interesting foods he can find. Yet, the sweaty host of The Travel Channel’s culinary adventure show, Bizarre Foods, had to go back to New York to eat his own testes. “Zimmern Oysters are not really oysters, but rather they … Continue reading

Wild Pugs Attack

For the third time this spring, wild pugs have been involved in attacks on humans. State officials are warning residents to steer clear of these animals and never to feed them. Steve Shiner of the Rhode Island Game and Fisheries Department told reporters, “These animals are a Hell of a lot smarter and stronger than … Continue reading

Singer Tom Jones Hospitalized

Singer-songwriter Tom Jones was hospitalized yesterday after collapsing during a performance in West Palm Beach. Jones was rushed to nearby Palm Beach Medical Center where he was treated for a broken wrist and bruised ribs. The 70-year-old Jones gained popularity with women in the 1970s and maintained his status as a sex symbol during his … Continue reading

Blinded By Love

The State of Florida passed legislation today banning the plastic figurines that adorn wedding cakes, also  known as “wedding cake toppers.” State officials passed the bill after a woman was hospitalized following a wedding day accident that left her blind. On April 14th, Citronella (Squibbs) Moth, 20, of Mudflats, FL suffered permanent eye damage when … Continue reading

Gas Prices Soar, Oil Execs Questioned

Top execs from the major oil companies were called before a Senate sub-committee hearing today, as lawmakers demanded to know why fuel prices are so high. Allegations of price-fixing and racketeering among the major fuel companies prompted the formation of the panel. Lawmakers grilled the execs relentlessly for nearly 25 minutes before they were satisfied … Continue reading

Teenage Girl Tells Dad, “I Hate You!”

What should have been a day of joy for a young New Hampshire girl turned into a day of emotional trauma for 13-year-old Tina Kovitch. After weeks of planning the spoiled teen’s “perfect birthday party,” it all ended in ruins because of her inconsiderate father. “This was the first party that Tina was allowed to … Continue reading