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Vice President Joe Biden is in trouble again today, following his escape from a White House holding cell where he has been kept under lock and key. Sources say that President Omaha ordered Biden to be put under house arrest after the gaff-machine made another controversial remark on the campaign trail, but the Vice President … Continue reading

Big Bird Hopitalized After Suicide Attempt

Peter Bloomquist, the actor who played Big Bird for nearly thirty years, was rushed to a Philadelphia hospital after attempting to take his own life late last night. Police said that Bloomquist, 52, was at the home of a friend when he suddenly donned his Big Bird outfit, covered himself with Herbs de Province and … Continue reading

When Kids Fail

Boy Trapped Under Bookbag, Nearly Dies

A ten-year old Massachusetts boy remains in fair condition after he became trapped under his overstuffed school book bag while walking to his school. The 97-pound boy was trapped under the bag for over two hours before he was discovered by a neighbor, who took pictures, posted them on Facebook and then called police.The boy … Continue reading

Statue of Liberty Shocking Revelation!

Bedloe Island, New York (UPI)- When workers repairing the Statue of Liberty pried open a rusty door and entered a secret chamber last week, they didn’t know what to expect. The  door has been locked since the statue was completed in 1885. The chamber, located near the ankles of Liberty, allowed workers access to the … Continue reading

California Woman Divorces Cat Husband

UPI – San Diego. A 56-year-old California woman has filed for divorce from her husband. Nothing strange about that, except in this case the husband happens to be a 26-pound tomcat named Mr Pomegranate. Mrs. Amelia Johnson of Los Angeles, has filed papers in county court seeking divorce from her husband of only two years, … Continue reading

Mr. Russ Undergoes Gender Reassignment

To All Employees: As you may know, Russ Troano is out on medical leave. Although the reason for his leave is reported as “carpel tunnel surgery recovery,” the truth is that Ross has, in fact, undergone the final operation in his trans-gender reassignment process. In order to help Russ through this transition, we must all … Continue reading

Cape Cod Bear Arrested For Third Time This Month

The Cape Cod bear, who in recent weeks has terrorized residents of Massachusetts, was arrested by Provincetown police last night. This makes the third time this month that the wet-nosed hooligan has found himself in trouble with law enforcement. Provincetown police said they arrested Charles ‘Good Time Charlie’ Bruin, a 32-year-old Brown bear from Deerfield, … Continue reading

Holldron Collider Vibrations Pleasing Local Women

Scientists working at  the Large Holdron Collider facility located underneath the Swiss-Franco border say that the massive collider is causing an unexpected phenomenon that has local women abuzz.  Reports says that the particle accelerator  produces intense vibrations that are having an unintended but climatic effect on women in the area. “Oh, it’s wonderful,” says local … Continue reading

Nobody Hurt After Elderly Driver Fails To Crash Into Donut Shop

Tampa police say that no damage was caused last Tuesday, when an elderly woman drove her car out of the parking lot of the Dinky-Do donut shop in Tampa. Officials say that the 82-year-old driver, identified as Margaret Turner of nearby Tickhaven, correctly picked which pedal was the brake in her Toyota Camry and was … Continue reading