Boy Trapped Under Bookbag, Nearly Dies

A ten-year old Massachusetts boy remains in fair condition after he became trapped under his overstuffed school book bag while walking to his school. The 97-pound boy was trapped under the bag for over two hours before he was discovered by a neighbor, who took pictures, posted them on Facebook and then called police.The boy was rushed to Norwood Memorial Hospital where he was treated for acute anxiety , a result of his inability to text his friends for nearly 120 minutes.

Students in Norwood Massachusetts are forced to carry 3 times their own body weight, making ants say “Holy Shit!”

Police said that the boys backpack was stuffed with school books and  weighed nearly 160 pounds and that rescuers were forced to use the jaws of life to lift the bag off the boy.

“The victim was walking and texting when he tripped on an acorn. He fell into these shrubs here and got pinned. He couldn’t roll over or cry for help,” said Norwood police Sargent Phil Brundine.  “When we arrived, all you could see was his ass sticking out of the bushes. It’s a good thing that a priest didn’t find him like that.”

Maureen Treere, who’s son was injured in a previous book-bag incident, now heads the local chapter of Parents Against Books and Stupid Teachers (P.A.B.S.T. ). Treere said that it is unconstitutional to make students carry so many books.

“There kids are not pack-mules. All this exercise is ruining the their health” she said. “Pigeon toe is epidemic. Scoliosis is on the rise. We haven’t had a decent basketball team in 10 years because the kids are shortened by bent spines. A lot of children can’t even keep their pants from falling down.  My son Timmy can only wear Air Jordan sneakers or his damaged feet hurt him terribly.”

In 2009, Treere’s 15-year-old son pictured below, was traumatized when his book bag got jammed in a revolving doorway at school.

Local children, their spines bent from overloaded book-bags, cannot pull their pants up.Some kids are banding together like this group here who call themselves ‘Ghetto Crack Gangsta Black’. “Yo, we no donkey, ight?” announced gang leader Mark Therrington Abbscott 3rd. ” Yo D, we nizzle wit deez busted backs,dog.We be tired of dat shit.”

“His physical injuries have healed but the emotional injuries remain. My baby was embarrassed in front of the entire school,” said Treere. “He was so traumatized that he couldn’t go back. The poor kid has to sit at home and play video games all day. He’s devastated.”

Treere claims that six other children, all friends of her boy, have suffered similar accidents and have joined her stay-at-home son.


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One thought on “Boy Trapped Under Bookbag, Nearly Dies

  1. This is such a stupid story! It made me laugh tho

    Posted by Hahaahaa | October 15, 2013, 5:37 pm

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