Daredevil To Jump Over Rosanne Barr’s Vagina

Robbie Knievel will risk his life on July 4th when he jumps over the largest cesspool in the continental United States.

Motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel announced today that he will attempt to jump over Rosanne Barr’s vagina during a live televised event during the Fourth of July celebration in Las Vegas.

Robbie, son of famous daredevil Evil Knievel, said that this will be the longest jump he’s ever attempted. He has been planning the jump for nearly four years and with the recent backing from sponsors, he’ll be able to begin construction the ramp and finish work on a specially modified bike in time for the event.

“The bike must be able to withstand the caustic fumes and the motor must be  able to run in the oxygen deprived environment but have enough power to get us over the bush,” said Knievel. ” We need special neoprene tires for this jump. Regular tires would degraded from the acidic gasses.”

Knievel said that without the help from the new sponsors, namely Vagisil Creams, Natural Caverns of Kentucky and Bob’s All-Ya Can Eat Roast Beef resteraunt chain, he wouldn’t be able to afford the jump.

” We expect that the cost of the bike, the ramp structures and the 200 bucks for Barr appearance, it’s going to cost nearly one million Dollars to make the jump.”

The Barr-hole Vagina, is the third largest natural hole in the United States after the Grand Canyon and the Federal deficit. It will not be the first time that the vagina jump has been attempted.


Barr said that she’ll get “The Old Stinkpipe” ready for the jump by not shaving or washing herself for six weeks prior to the event. “If the jump don’t kill him,” cackled Barr,”the stink will!”

Two previous attempts turned deadly for stunt man Mark Peterson of California. In 1999, Peterson made 2 successful jumps over the Missouri River in preparation for the Barr-hole jump but was killed  a week later when he attempted to jump over the Barr-hole without his bike during an afternoon of partying with Barr in a California hotel room.  Peterson’s body was never recovered and the room remains unpaid for.

Event promoter Jim Egelston told us, “This is going to be the most spectacular show any of us has ever seen. Not since the Dukes of Hazard jumped General Lee over Joan Collins pussy at the Emmy Awards, has anybody done anything so dangerous. If he don’t die, Robbie could end up with syphilis or genital herpes. You’ll definitively not want to miss this. “

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2 thoughts on “Daredevil To Jump Over Rosanne Barr’s Vagina

  1. Wtf!! Lmfao! That’s funny! Watch out Bou!! Don’t fall into the stinky pit…lol

    Posted by Beautiful Vixen | May 9, 2012, 8:37 pm


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