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Hallmark Misprint Angers Catholics

Hallmark Easter cards infuriated Catholic consumers.

UPI- Hallmark Cards finds itself in hot water again after a typographical error on some of it’s Easter cards offended some hearing-impaired and religious consumers. An official spokesperson at Hallmark said that it was an honest mistake and no offense as intended. The official also said that a free I So Sorry card would be sent to anybody whose feelings were hurt. Hallmark has found itself in trouble many times since they outsourced their greeting card manufacturing to China. In 2011 typographical errors led to store shelves being stocked with cards that read Dearest Motherfucker, Get Well Hung Soon, and So,You’re Sweet Sexteen !


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One thought on “Hallmark Misprint Angers Catholics

  1. Typo? Riiiight…

    Posted by Ann | March 7, 2013, 9:24 pm

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