President Obama Considers Declaring War Against Mexico

Mexican President Felipe Calderon blamed the United States for Mexico's drug-related murders. " Before the US started sending guns to our people, all we had to fight with is switch-blades and rotten tomatillos."

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — President Felipe Calderon on Thursday unveiled a “No More Weapons!” billboard made with crushed firearms and placed near the U.S. border. He urged the United States to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico.

The billboard, which is in English and weighs 3 tons, was placed near an international bridge in Ciudad Juarez and can be seen from the United States. Within minutes of the unveiling, the Mexican made sign began to fall apart and the press conference was stopped when a large letter ‘O’ fell and nearly killed Ismael Zambada, a notorious drug lord and Minister of the Interior. Shortly after the accident,witnesses say that associates of Zambada dragged the letter ‘O’ into an unmarked van and sped off. The bloodied lower portion of ‘O’ was found along a desert highway later in the day, and obvious message to the remaining alphabet.

Calderon said the billboard’s letters were made with weapons seized by local, state and federal authorities.

“I personally blame the United States for supplying the vicious drug cartels with weapons so they destroy Mexico’s number one export…Mexicans,” declared Calderon. “I have ordered the entire Army of Mexico, once it sobers up, to amass at the American border with the possible intention of retaking the fort at Alamo.” said Calderon in broken English.

President Obama had this sign erected in direct response to the provocative message Mexican President Calderon aimed at the United States.

Officials at the White House said that President Obama “went ballistic” when he saw a photograph of the ‘No More Weapons’ sign and immediately ordered National Guard units in New Mexico to build and erect a similarly sized sign that could be seen on the Mexican side of the border.

“I’ve never seen the President so angry,” said a White House insider. “When his daughter Natasha drew a mustache on the priceless portrait of George Washington hanging in the Oval office, he was furious but this sign incident,well, he went crazy. He cancelled our Tuesday taco night indefinitely and had all the gardeners fired. By the end of this thing, he may declare war on Mexico.”


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