Boston Mayor Jumps The Gun On Superbowl Wager

Boston Mayor Menino rides his bicycle to work despite being hit by cars on five different occasions."People gutta drive bettah," said the fitness enthusiast.

Boston Mayor “Mumbles” Menino made an embarrassing social blunder today when he phoned Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and offered to bet on Sundays Superbowl game—except the Superbowl game is not being played this weekend.

The Baltimore Ravens will be playing against the New England Patriots this Sunday in a final playoff game at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. According to Blake’s office, Mayor Menino believed that Sundays game was the NFL Superbowl and he had called to place the traditional mayors bet.

“At first we thought he was a mental patient,” said a spokeperson at  Mayor Blakes office. “He was slurring his words and we could barely understand him. He actually called Mayor Blake ‘honey’. He kept going on about the Superbowl game on Sunday. We hung up on him 3 times until one of his aids called back. Menino is a nut.”

Mayor Menino was asked about the embarrassing mistake he made. “It’s a big game nonetheless for New England sports fans, here and in Boston and around and uh”, said the tongue-tied politician. “I called to bet her on tha game. What represents Boston bettah then a coupla Maine lobstahs—two poundas—and dah–steemahs and buttah. Mayah Wallingbake…she  wayjed a basket of crabs but I sed I didn’t want no crabs. I had em once when I was 17 or 18 and lete tell yah those things itch. Then..ah..she suggested a 5 pound ah. I feel confident that the –ah–Pats have a good chance of winnin…wit Brady and Wes Winkle and the Mexican kid there—ummm—Hernanda—Hernandez Gronkoski. We’re lookin forwud to a good game there in Shaffer Stadium. I wish the Patriots good luck.”


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