Marc Anthony Falls For Thai Lady-boy

When hunky-boy Marc Anthony split from pop star Jennifer Lopez earlier this year, rumors abounded that JLo had caught the Latin caliente in the arms of another woman. A newly released sex tape confirms that the Tinseltown tomcat had been seeing someone else during his marriage, but in this case the goateed gigolo left his wife of seven years for half a woman. Sources say that Marc Anthony has gone head over heals for an Asian trans-sexual named Bean Sprout and the Cricket has the exclusive story!

Marc Anthony and his new squeeze, Bean Sprout, recently spent time at his private resort on St. John.

Insiders say that the two lovebirds met while Marc Anthony was filming last year in Thailand.

“OMG! It was love at first sight!” said the insider. “Bean Sprout was performing at Dirty Underpants, the famous drag queen bar in Bangcok. About one o’clock in the morning, Marc Anthony struts in with his entourage in tow and when Manthony sees Bean Sprout, he literally stops dead in his tracks. By the end of the night they were making out in the corner. They were meant for each other.”

Bean Sprout, 42, is a leading bi-model in the fashion industry. She can model for both men’s and women’s under-garments and has caught the attention of the fashion industry with her ability to perform fellatio on herself and her partner at the same time.

Marc Anthony soon headed back to the United States but it wasn’t long before the two-timing stud sent for his flexible concubine. He paid for his Asian lady-boy to fly to the US and put the castrated catwalker up at The Four Seasons Hotel where the two spent many afternoons drinking by the pool and playing frisky knickers.

“JLo knew about it but wanted to keep the family together, but when he put his business on the street, she couldn’t bear it,” said a long time friend. “She gave him an ultimatum…it’s either me or him or her or it!”

According to our bribed sources, Marc promised JLo that he was committed to their marriage but on the very day of their wedding anniversary, photogs caught the dirty dog and his Asian hot-pot getting it on Kim Chi style on a Santa Monica beach.

“JLo went crazy,” said another long-time friend, who hardly knew the stars, but overstated her relationship for money. “The high-hineyed hot-head threw him out that night.”

Sources say JLo is spending a lot more time with her vibrator. Our peeps say they are serious and intend to wed this Spring. According to JLo, "V-dog makes me happier than any man I've ever been with. If he could take out the rubbish, he'd be perfect."

The sex tape was found by hotel cleaning staff at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas after the romping romantics had spent a week partying. In the six-hour-long video, Marc and Bean Sprout are seen partying hard with friends and then the kissing couple went on an hour-long sex romp upon a pool table while shocked guests watched. A variety of impromptu sex toys went into play, including neckties, a candy dish, two wine angels, a ceramic bust of John Kennedy and a slightly used accordion.

In an attempt to save his reputation, Marc went on Fox News and vehemently denied that any candy dishes were used during the alleged cocaine-fueled sex exhibition.


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