Bizarre Cult Controls U.S. Currency !

Researchers at M.I.T.’s History Department  have recently discovered startling information about a secret society that has been manipulating the US government and banking for over 135 years. According to findings recently published in Phenomenon Magazine, officials have concluded that a previously unknown group called the Ancient Order of Barbers has not only been cutting the hair of leaders but has been influencing their behavior.

The Ancient Order of Barbers are the guardians of the Locks of Jesus. The Locks of Jesus are purported to be locks of hair that were gathered as Jesus got his hair done for the crucifixion.

“Most people have no idea that Jesus was a fashion fag,” said Charles Bruce, noted fashion expert. “Before he became famous he was one of the top underwear models in the Middle East. He was on the cover of GQ for God’s sake. Jesus lived for fashion. He wore nothing but the latest robes and adored anything by Ahmedan Chadin. He  owned perhaps as many as 40 pairs of expensive imported Spanish Cachorro Piel sandles. He was always meticulously well groomed.”

Jesus’s personal barber, an Italian dancer and part-time hair stylist named Nino Valentino, was a

The Locks of Jesus reappeared in the early 1930's as a wig worn by popular singer/actress Shirley Temple.

member of the Illuminati. Nino preserved the locks and unwittingly became the first member of The Ancient Order of Barbers trusted to the safekeeping of the golden curls. The location of the Locks of jesus was never revealed but in 1934 the locks reappeared in a wig wore by child star Shirley Temple. Temple, unaware of the wigs importance,  publicy sported the golden mane  for 6 years before it was stolen from her dressing room. The locks have not been seen since.

Dr Jennifer Hahns, Professor of History at M.I.T.  said that the scope and magnitude of Barber influence has yet to be determined but she believes that it very extensive. “If we take a look at the Dollar Bill,” Hahns said, “we see that they influenced the design of the most popular currency in the world. Not since J. Edgar Hoover bugged the White-house bathrooms has the security of the United States been so penetrated. We have no idea who these barbers are…we just know that they are still out there.”

According to Professor Hahns, the US dollar bill was designed in 1832 by a Freemason named Charles Buck. In 2010, the diary of Charles Buck was discovered at the Museum of Natural History, hidden amongst unimportant documents. Museum officials have no idea why the diary was put there other than to make sure that it would not be found. Historians, mathematicians and cryptologists have  poured over the diary and a disturbing truth has slowly emerged.

Charles Buck was a the flamboyant designer of the US Dollar bill and a member of the Ancient Order of Barbers.

Charles Buck was a member of the Ancient Order of Barbers. The Barbers formed the inner circle of a underground group called the Skull and Bones. The Skull and Bones is the American arm of  a secret sect of the Freemasons know as the Illuminati, the only secret society that everybody knows about.

According to the article published in the July issue of Phenomenon, the U.S. One Dollar bill contains the following Barber clues.

George Washington normally grew his hair to past shoulder length yet we see him with much shorter hair, obviously the recipient of e new haircut by Ancient Order of Barbers.You can still see the barber’s paper neck strip around Washington’s neck.The neck strip symbolizes the rope that was used to hang Judas, an ominous  message to those who betray the Illuminati.

Sprigs of lilac and clove are seen on the front of the bill. Lilac water and clove oil were  commonly used as an aftershave.

The rectangular shape of the bill represents the shape of rubber floor mats used by barbers.

Barber Harvey Johnson, founder of Amway and close friend  of Charles Buck, persuaded him to incorporate a pyramid into the bills design. The pyramid represents the pyramid scheme, the business model used at Amway to this day.

The Dollar bill holds clues to the location of the Locks of Jesus.

The words Nuvus Ordo Seclorum appears below the pyramid. The English interpretation means Just a little trim.

On the back of the bill below the word ONE is a scene representing a barbershop waiting room on a typical Saturday morning. You can clearly see 10 people waiting impatiently. Ten also is the number of fingers that a barber has.

The words ANNUIT OEPTIS appears above the pyramid and  means Closed Mondays. Modern day barbers still use this phrase and hang signs in their shop windows as a sign of support.

George Washington is believed to be a involved with the Barbers. It is believed that his ivory teeth are etched with numerical clues detailing the location of the Locks of Jesus.

The eagle is shown holding 6 pairs of cutting shears. Six inches was the  length of standard barber sheers.

The eagle is being held down by a small section of comb, an unnerving sign of the strength of the Barber  and their ability to influence  the US government

The barber pole call clearly be seen in the letter E of the word ONE

The back of the bill there are two large circles, the exact same number of eyes that a barber has. Secret Barber code forbids one-eyed or blind hair stylists. The 2 circles also represent a pair of eye glasses.

If the bill is folded in half 2 times it will be one-quarter of its normal size. A quarter was the price of a haircut and trim in 1832

The tail of the eagle looks like a shaving brush.

In 1832, town barbers also doubled as surgeons. On the back of the bill there are many of surgical scalpels represented complete with ornate handles.

Above the pyramid is an eye looking through a peep-hole. Peep holes were drilled in outhouse doors where Barbers would spy upon women.


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