Sarah Palin To Drive From US To England.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made a surprise stop in Boston yesterday during her year-long road trip across America and this reporter sat down with her for a one-on-one interview.

Q. How long do you plan to stay in Boston?

Sarah Palin said she loved her visit to Boston but was dissapointed that she didn't get to see the Liberty Bell

A.  Gosh, just a couple of days or maybe two. I wish we could stay longer but Todd and I are anxious to get to England before the weather gets bad.

Q. You’re driving to England?

A. That’s right Bob. I’ve discovered that you see so much more of this great country of ours if you drive as opposed to flying and trying  to look out is those little windows.

Q. How do you like Boston ?

A.  You know, Boston is such a wonderful city, so full of all kinds of history. I really was hoping to see the Liberty Bell but Todd and I couldn’t find it. We visited the Old North Church and then we visited Paul Reveres house but unfortunately he wasn’t home. We all remember the historic and brave event when he rode his horsie to Bunker Hill. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the horses name was Jimmy? Didja? Paul is a great American and I would consider having him as my running mate.

Q. What have you learned as you’ve driven across America?

A. Gosh,I’ve learned so much.Where do I start? Well, I learned that here are more Americans here..right here…in these United States than anywhere else on the planet. Isn’t that wonderful? My Gosh! There’s been so many surprises. But I’ve also learned that this great country of ours is in terrible shape. When I’m elected president,I intend to reorganize our states.

Q. What do you mean exactly?

A. Well, here’s a for instance for ya. We currently have two states named Dakota. How confusing is that? Another example is that Lost Vegas is NOT a state. And then there’s the state of Washington and there’s Washington DC. It’s terribly confusing and I will fight, tooth and nail, to get this problem fixed and get this great country of ours back on track.

Q. There’s also two Carolinas.

A. What?

Q. There’s two states called Carolina. A North and a South.

A. I didn’t hear that. Gosh, it appears to be getting worse by the minute. We need to get a Republican back in the White-house and we don’t have anytime to lose,with China knocking at our door and all.

Q. You stopped in Washington D.C.. How was that?

A Todd and I loved Washington D.C. I mean,my gosh. We visited the White House and do you know what? It really is white. I thought they were just joking. And the Capitol Building starts with a capitol letter? This trip was real educational experience for me and I thank God and the American people for this opportunity to speak to you about it.

Q. Would you consider a run against Governor Christie?

A. Certainly not in these high heels ,Bob. I have a nice running suit at home and if he wants to run against me then I certainly won’t back down from the opportunity. Governor Christie is a big man and I don’t think he can run all that fast. I ran track in high school..I ran..not the 220..the one bigger than that..I forgot what it’s called anyway…but last year I was chased by a black bear and let me tell you I can still run  golly-gee fast.

Q You were chased by a bear? Were you scared?

A. Nope. I thought ” Well if he kills me…then I’ll just play dead.” but  I climbed up a tree and Todd took a shot with his rifle. Got me right here in the leg. Turns out it wasn’t a bear, just a reporter in a black North-face ski suit.

Q. What about giving us jobs?

A  Hand or blow?

Q Pardon?

A Handjobs or blowjobs?

Q I meant the creation of jobs.

A ( Laughing) I thought you were asking if I gave ’em.

Q. What is your plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs?

A. Well Bob, I’m proposing a 4 pronged attack that will create jobs and git this country moving again and get people to work. First, let me tell you that I was recently in the great State of Florida and what they are facing down there right now is true global warming. It is very,very hot there already and in the great state of Alaska we have lots and lots  of snow and I  thought..Golly gee shucks…if we could get that snow from Alaska and get it down there to the good folks of Florida, it would be a big help to them in controlling this climate problem that these Democrats have created. So I’m proposing the construction of a pipeline so that we can get the snow to Florida and other parts of the country. We can get it to all these wildfires that are burning out of control all over this great nation of ours and put people back to work.Secondly, I’m pushing for the formation of Alaska first professional football team. The Alaskan Caribou football team will need a stadium built and uniforms sewn and folks people to sell the tickets. I’m talking here about putting as many as 3000 people back to work.And lastly Bob,I loved being Governor of the State of Alaska. It was a great job and that’s why I’m proposing an  increase the number of Governors in Alaska to one thousand. Imagine just how much we could get done with not one, but a thousand Governors.? It’s this out of the box thinking that’s going to get America moving again.

Q.  And these three ideas make up your four-pronged attacked?

A. That’s right.

Q. How have people treated you during your trip?

A. You know, the American people have been so wonderful. Just yesterday Todd and I  were driving up through the great state of Connecticut and we saw a sign for the city of Bristol. We just had to stop by and thank them for naming their city after our daughter. Such humble folks,they were. When I thanked them, they pretended like they had no idea what I talking about.

Q. Well, Governor thank you for your time.

A. Sure.


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