Today in History

25 Years Ago Today.   Billy Carter, the drunken halfwit brother of President Jimmy Carter nearly drowned after accidentally driving a ride-on mower into a catfish pond. Billy had been participating in an annual Beer and Brats parade when the mower veered off course and plowed through a line of excited spectators. Legend has it that 4 cases of Billy Beer remain at the bottom of the pond and it has been the target of many failed late night recovery attempts by local college boys

55 Years Ago Today.  Laika, the first dog in space, was born in Phreezingk, Siberia in the Soviet Union.  She was born in a well stocked woodshed, the first in a litter of six pups . Laika’s s father, Sergi Andgarikov a successful a parsnip farmer, became a national hero of Russia and eventually became one of the best cabbage growers in the Stetitinizen, a small neighborhood of Phreezink.Her mother was pedigree mongol and accomplished poet. Laika left the space program in 1982 and eventually joined the Russin Army where she served in the war against Georgian cats in 1993. According to the Soviet News, Laika was a lifelong communist.

100 Years Ago Today.  The American Concrete Ship Company founded in Bath, Maine launched the first of their line of  inexpensive, heavy and durable cargo ships, the USS Determination .She was hailed by President Howard Taft as ” a testament to American ingenuity and resourcefulness” moments before it sank to the bottom of Bath Harbor where it still lies today.

175 Years Ago Today. Pickle barrel maker Sergio DeMarillio of Hickstown, New Hampshire, inspired by a pint of vodka, strapped two wooden staves to his feet and attempted the first downhill ski run on the North face of nearby Mount Washington. DeMarillo was killed within a minute of the attempt. Two years later, with the distinct advantage of having snow on the ground, his brother Vinchenzo successfully completed the run while simultaneously eating pickles on the decent. In 1976, in commemoration of his achievement, a statue of Vinchenzo sporting wooden skis and and holding his pickle, was placed at the site.


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