Today In History

150 Years Ago Today.  Henry James Otis installed the first working elevator in the Goodwill Building in Pittsburgh, Pa. The elevator quickly hauled up to 6 passengers at a time to the 20th floor of the newly constructed stock exchange in less than 12 minutes. Three days later the first “stuck elevator” incident occurred when the elevators cables got snagged. Passengers are still awaiting rescue.

100 Years Ago Today. The first trans-Atlantic crossing by airplane was attempted by dyslexic pilot Paul Chevenaux of Canada. The daredevil misread his compass and quickly headed North after taking off from Cape May, New Jersey and traveled over 32 miles in just over 6 hours, a record at the time. “If I had not fought a headwind,”  Chevenaux later said, ” I would have been in Paris by lunchtime.”

50 Years Ago Today. Then President John F. Kennedy and brother Robert Kennedy gang-banged Marlyn Monroe in the White House Oval Office and again later that evening in the Rose Garden. In return for her cooperation, President Kennedy promised to name a important historical event after her and in 1963 kept that promise with The Bay of Pigs.

20 Years Ago Today. The ‘perfect storm’ formed off the coast of New England sinking the fishing boat Andrea Gail AND George Clooney’s acting career.


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