FBI says ” We knew where Bulger was the whole time”

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger was captured near Los Angeles after spending the last 16 years on the run during an epic manhunt that served as a major embarrassment to the FBI.

Agents from the FBI Fugitive Task Force in L.A. arrested the 81-year-old Bulger at a Home Depot parking lot Wednesday morning as he waited with illegal immigrants for day-work.

Bulger dyed his hair, wore a fake mustache and had undergone surgery to reduce his height to just over 5 feet so that he could blend in with the illegal Mexican population.

James "Whitey" Bulger chats with FBI Director Jim McKannon last july in front of FBI headquarters in Santa Monica.

“He looked just like a Mexican to us,” said FBI agent Paul Pollio.  “ I’d see him all over the place. I always gave him a couple of bucks when I did. He was dark-skinned, wore a sombrero and even rode around town on a donkey. How was I  supposed to know at the time that it was a disguise? Now that I look back, it all makes sense …the Boston accent, the shamrock tattoo and the fact that he didn’t speak Spanish.”

Police said that Bulger had many alias including “El Blanco”, “Adios Pantalones”, “Carlos Juan Papito de Mexico con una Toyota”, and “Billo Bulgero”, but was more commonly know to his neighbors as “The mobster from Boston who’s on the run”.

Bulger had been living  with his long time girlfriend and 8 other illegals on the third floor of an abandoned apartment building across from FBI headquarters. Bulger preferred to hide in plain and would often panhandle by the front door of the FBI building.

Barbara Gluck, who lived next door to Bulger, said she hired James many times for yard work and Latino sex. “I feel cheated. I trusted him, “she said. “He was very quite except when he was yelling or screaming. He spent most days hanging on the corner with his gang of thugs. On hot nights he and his donkey slept in the foyer of the FBI building across the street. He told me once that he thought the donkey had been talking to police behind his back. Next thing you know, they find the donkey dead…shot in the back of the head.”

FBI sources say that Bulger began organizing a new gang as soon as he arrived in Santa Monica sometime in 1995. He brought in retired mobsters ,cantankerous members  of the AARP and disgruntled democrats. Bulger and his ‘Over The Winter Hill Gang’ worked out a local senior center where they ran a county wide racketeering operation. They also were involved in prescription loan sharking, Viagra distribution, Medicare fraud and Bingo fundraisers.

Alleged kitten smuggler, donkey murderer and escape artist James "Whitey" Bulger.


“You couldn’t play a game of pinochle in this county with them getting a cut,” said a member of the Setting Sun Senior Center who wished to remain anomonous. “I’m happy he’s gone.”

Bulger allegedly owns and operates Naughty Nana, the largest granny porn movie company in the California , employing over 1,200 workers.


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