Noise From Modified Motorcycle Kills Man, Levels Neighborhood

Loud Harley pipes destroyed homes and irritated people.

Hundreds of homes were damaged by the sonic explosion created by modified exhaust pipes on a Harley Davidson.

Police in Hudson, Nebraska report that a local man died on Tuesday when his modified motorcycle produced a sonic boom so powerful that it killed him instantly and devastated an entire neighborhood.

Nebraska State Police say 35-year-old Michael “Blubber” Scozy’s modified Harley Davidson motorcycle exploded as he was test-driving the experimental bike near his neighborhood. The blast leveled nearby homes and dozens of people were sent to a nearby hospital.

A spokesperson for the police commented, “We believe that Mr. Scozy was testing a new exhaust-pipe system that he hoped would produce the loudest sound ever known to man. He acquired fog horns from an abandoned lighthouse and attached them to the motorcycle. The blast left a crater 30-feet deep. The explosion was heard 200 miles away.”

Blubber Scozy of Saint Troy died while testing prototype motorcycle.

Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast Blubber Scozy was killed in accident.

Friends say that “Blubber” was an avid biker and a member of the notorious Red Tigers Moped Club.

“Blubber enjoyed riding his bike back and forth across town, especially late at night so he could wake people up with his loud pipes. He was hungry for attention,” said Red Tiger member Tommy “Knuckles” Getty. “Straight pipes weren’t loud enough for him. He attached anything—bugles, sirens, horns, trumpets—to make his bike louder. He loved to irritate people. The guy was a saint.”

harley Bike with outfitted fog horn pipes

The prototype Harley motorcycle was outfitted with lighthouse fog horns.

Public records show that Scozy had appeared in court no fewer than 13 times during the last year, trying to get excessive noise citations overturned. Scozy—who was overweight, a smoker, a heavy drinker and a drug-user—argued vehemently that loud pipes save lives, especially when drunk and not wearing a helmet.


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