Optical Science Saves Beachgoers

While vacationing in France last year, Jeff Tetherfield visited the clothing-optional beaches along the Mediterranean coast. He was horrified by the appearance of some nude beach goers.

“I have no objection to nude beaches,” explained Tetherfield. “I just object to the people on them. Imagine…you’re sitting on the beach, eating your lunch, and you look up and see an old guy dragging his balls through the sand, or a chubby German man applying lotion to his saggy ass, or an old woman walks past your blanket, trips on her boobs, and falls on top of you. Who does that? Gravity and time are cruel masters, true, but these folks should wear clothes.”

When wearing CLOZ-ON® glasses, clothing magically appears, saving your eyes, your appetite and your vacation.

Tetherfield, president of the optical equipment company, Visacorp Inc., decided to put his 35 years in the business to a great use.

“Visacorp makes X-Ray glasses that can see through clothes, and I thought, ‘What if I could develop glasses that put clothes on people?’.”

He returned home to New Hampshire and went to work in his lab. After six months of testing, he had a working prototype, and four months later began production of CLOZ-ON® eyeglasses.

In just two months, he sold over one million pairs of the optical aids.

“I had no idea they would be so popular around the world. The interesting thing is that sales in Canada, France and Russia are weak, yet these countries are the reason we need CLOZ-ON glasses in the first place.”

CLOZ-ON glasses come in many styles and retail for about $26.


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3 thoughts on “Optical Science Saves Beachgoers

  1. Might be the best writing I have seen

    Posted by Handy | October 18, 2011, 7:29 am
  2. Where can I buy these

    Posted by Anonymous | December 14, 2011, 7:14 pm

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