Singer Tom Jones Hospitalized

Tom Jones hit by Depends during recent concert.

Singer-songwriter Tom Jones was hospitalized yesterday after collapsing during a performance in West Palm Beach. Jones was rushed to nearby Palm Beach Medical Center where he was treated for a broken wrist and bruised ribs.

The 70-year-old Jones gained popularity with women in the 1970s and maintained his status as a sex symbol during his 50-year career. The Welsh-born star is known to whip his female fans into such a frenzy that they toss their bras and underpants onstage.

At approximately 9:45 pm, as the heartthrob was nearly done singing She’s A Lady, a frenzied fan threw a loaded Depends undergarment from the balcony, hitting Jones in the face and knocking him to the floor. Jones was helped to his feet and carried offstage.

Outside the Kravis Center, police arrested Maureen Kelly, 69, of Nashua, NH, and charged her with assault with a deadly weapon, disturbing the peace and launching a missile during a public event.

The shamed fan stated, “I’m so embarrassed. I got caught up in the moment. I feel so bad.” She then asked, “Are we going to get a refund for the show?”

A spokesman for Jones said that he is resting comfortably but had to cancel the remaining concerts on his tour.


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2 thoughts on “Singer Tom Jones Hospitalized

  1. I do not think that is one bit funny. It is discusting! I hope Tom Jones is feeling okay, and doesn’t let it bother him too much. He has the best voice that I have ever heard

    Posted by patricia | May 9, 2011, 8:06 pm
    • thanks for your reply. if I had known ANY other entertainer that had a reputation of having his fans throw their underpants and bras at them…I would have used then in the article. But alas, I could think of none. you are correct when you say that Mr Jones is a great singer. You may also be surprised to learn that he has a sense of humor,too. He sent me an email saying that he though that the article was hilarious. I’m sure he appreciates fans like you that stick up for him though.
      Bobby Bou
      Editor, The Daily Cricket

      Posted by Bobby Bou | May 21, 2011, 6:12 pm

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