Tom Brady in Battle With Animal Activists

Tom Brady, quarterback and trend setter will endorse Uggs shoes in a muli-million dollar deal.

Two weeks ago, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady signed a two year , 12 million dollar deal to be the sole spokesperson for Uggs Sport Shoes. In an article by the Boston Globe, a typographical error led readers to believe that Brady would now be wearing Pugs   instead of “Uggs”.
In a rush to emulate their hero and show their loyalty to the New England Patriots, Brady fans went on a pug buying spree and within 12 hours every kennel in New England had run out of the crab-faced creatures.
Larry Wolfson, a Pastor at the Bradyite Church of Mangod managed to acquire six pugs for his footware needs. “As far as footwear goes, these Pugs are very comfortable and durable. I have three pair.  I don’t even have to move my legs to get where I’m going. The dogs start walking and off I go.”
Thomas Neighbor, President of N.A.M.B.L.A. (North American Man Brady Love Association) said that his 12,000 members are frantically trying to locate pugs for sale. “It’s almost impossible to find a Pug for sale,” said Neighbor. “We had one member drive down all the way down to North Carolina to pick up two pugs and they tried to sell him two shaved Cairn Terriers. Fans are paying up to $4000 for any pug they can find. Tom Brady is a dreamboat. If you’re not wearing Pugs, you are no fan of Tom Brady and the Patriots organization Mister!”

Patriots fan Bill Chisolm walks along the Charles River sporting his Pugs footware.

Thousands of Brady’s fans have been seen sporting the trendy canine footwear and it has caused an outcry from animal activists. P.E.T.A .has announced that they will begin a campaign to end the abuse of these pug dogs. Brady fans feel that animal activists are overreacting and that if Tom Brady wears them, that it must be O.K.

Mitchy Conners, a lifelong patriots fan told us, “I can understand why people get upset. Yeh, the dogs eyes bug out a little when I slide my foot into their ass but as soon as we get outside, man they forget all about it. They love it. They just want to run! And chicks dig these shoes. This is my second pair. My first pair ran away.”







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