Japanese Boaters Plead for World Help

The impact from the devastating tsunami that struck Japan two weeks ago continues to bring problems to the Japanese people.

During better times, a Japanese whaling vessel hauls in a baby whale calf.

Thousands of boats were destroyed and that has left many people without a job. The whaling communities were hardest hit and may never fully recover.

Today, the head of Whale Hunters of Japan reached out to the world and pleaded for help.

“Our lives are ruined by the tsunami,”said whaler Kanshu Nakatami. “We have no boat. We have nothing to kill. We have no money. Without the help of the international community will won’t be able to extinct these filthy animals that plague the oceans. We were so close to killing them all, but now we suffered this setback.”

Nearly 60 % of Japan’s whaling fleet was destroyed by the wave that hit the island.

“I am so bored. I need to get back on a boat. I need to kill whales,” said a local whaler I spoke with. “I’ve been killing seal pups, sea turtles and dolphins but it’s not the same. My life is ruined.”

A fund has been established to buy new whaling vessels or refurbish old ones so that they can quickly return to the sea and continue the slaughter of these docile mammals.

“Until every last whale is wiped off the face of this earth,” said fisherman Kobe Tenatako,” I will hunt them down and slice them apart. Every one of them. Right whale, sperm whale or humpback whale. I don’t care. they all must die. The cosmetics companies rely on our harvest.We have a duty.”

If you wish to send help out, please send your donation to :

Kill The Whales Foundation, 12 Nakiaki Suki, Susuki, Japan 56192


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One thought on “Japanese Boaters Plead for World Help

  1. I wish someone would establish a hunting society to hunt and kill allwhalers. What a bunch of pigs, don’t buy anything from Japan.

    Posted by craig mcdonald | June 6, 2011, 10:33 pm

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