Damaged Nuclear Reactors Returned To Store.

nuclear explosion in japan

Second explosion at Fukushima nuclear power station

The world breathed a sigh of relief as finally Japan solved the problem of its four nuclear reactors that have been quickly deteriorating and promising devastating environmental impact. The damaged nuclear power plant reactors caused international concern after they became unstable following damage suffered 3 days ago.

Within hours after a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the island of Japan, serious problems were discovered in two of the nuclear reactors and that alarming news was followed by the discovery that two more additional reactors had began to slide towards nuclear meltdown. Tokyo Electric Power Co. reacted slowly to damage to the cores of the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors at its crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power complex, company spokesman Daisuke Hirose said. Engineers struggled to contain the damage but power outages and lack of personnel made repairs impossible.

With no other options available to them, Japanese Nuclear Engineers were forced to pump seawater into the rectors in a desperate attempt to slow the heating of the nuclear rods but that solution backfired when it produced large pockets of hydrogen gas, which then exploded causing more structural damage. Mass evacuations began in an area as wide as 30 kilometers around each reactor as it became apparent that engineers had lost control of the four facilities and nuclear meltdowns were inevitable.

Nuclear scientists from around the world held an emergency meeting with top Japanese officials during which time,deadly radiation was spewing out of three of the overheating reactors and cooling ponds. The panel concluded that the most viable solution for containing the meltdown was to pour concrete into the containment vessels and create a sarcophagus similar to the one poured during the Chernobyl accident. This process would have taken 2 to 3 months during which time radioactive gases would continue to vent into the atmosphere. During this meeting however, a sanitation worker who was cleaning the meeting room floor and told them he had a solution.

Dr Horde Kamakuziko, the top nuclear scientist for all Japans nuclear programs, embraced the solution. “ We decided to return the reactors to Home Depot where we had bought them years ago. Everybody knows that they take anything back. So we found the boxes they came in and packed them back up”, said Dr. Kamakuziko.

The four reactors, obviously quite used and showing signs of damage, were trucked to the Tokyo area and loaded into a Home Depot store.

“I brought the boxes to the Return Counter and the guy took them right back. No questions asked. Nothing! I was so happy. We got credit for over 12 Billion Yen, ” said Dr kamakuziko. “My wife going to by new bamboo curtains! ‘” he laughed. “ Most incredible part of story is that we actually bought one of the reactors at Loews but the guy he never ask for receipt!”


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