Sports Announcer Fired For Talking

Ted Williams, man with the golden voice, fired from job as announcer.

Ted Williams during better days.

Just one day after the Cleveland Cavaliers hired a homeless man to announce their home games, he has been fired.

Ted Williams,age 23, made headlines earlier this week when he was literally picked up off the streets and given a highly sought-after job. The ” man with the golden voice” arrived at his new job yesterday and it was soon realized that it may have been a mistake to bring him to the microphone.
” During the first period of the game, Mr Williams made an unauthorized announcement asking that ‘if there were any white women in the crowd that wanted to suck his big black dick,they should get their bitch-asses up to the P.A. room’,” said Cavaliers spokesman Richard Jetters. Cavaliers co-announcer Mike Sullivan left the studio during the third period and vowed to never work with Williams again.

“He may have had a golden voice but he also had really bad breath. He stunk up the room so bad. Let’s remember that he probably hasn’t brushed his teeth in years and he’s been out there eating garbage,” said Sullivan . “Now I know why people steer clear of the homeless.They’re not afraid they’ll get mugged..they’re afraid of getting kissed.”

Mr Williams also made a number of mistakes when he called players by wrong names and during the first period of play when Cavalier T. OK. Shay hit a 3-pointer , Williams remarked that it was ” a sweet goal ” instead of a basket. After a controvertial call against Clevland late in the game, Williams encourage the crowd to ” get down there a split the referee’s head open.”
Mr Williams has stated that he intends to file a suit against the Cavaliers for wrongful dismissal. Here is the written statement that he gave to the press.

“What they did was wrong! They tellin’ me that I said this and I did that. That’s bullshit,man. Nobody never said nuttin’ bout it was wrong to ax some of the ladies up to the studio.That’s the kind of segregation bullshit that these white mother-fuckers have been pushing for years, ” said Williams. “And as far as them saying that I pissed all over some sound equipment in the booth,let the mother-fuckers prove it. How they don’t know it was that fat-ass limp-dick cracker Jetters that did it. Hum? They don’t,that’s how. They just blamin’ me cuz they jealous. That bitch Jetters couldn’t announce a fart, I’ll tell you dat. I put my heart and soul into that job, day after mother-fuckin’ day I showed up and gave it ahundred and twenty percent and after everything I did for them, they throwing MY ass back on the street? I Fuck dat shit. Tell you what,I’m gettin all da heavy hitters down here.hen I’m done with them..they gonna be lucky just to WASH any one of Jesse Jackson’s BMW’s when I’m trew with dem.”


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