New Bedford Bedbugs Attack!

This article appeared in our local newspaper.


Special to the Canton Citizen

The Bedford Bedbugs nearly suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Canton Bulldogs last Friday night , but instead were able to steal 31 points before leaving the field. This is the only loss for the Bulldogs as they head into their second game of the regular season.

Two minutes into the first quarter, the Bulldogs were taken by surprise by Bedfords first touchdown but quickly regained their composure and allowed Bedford to score again. But things quickly changed. After a successful 3 yard drive, the Bulldogs were forced to punt, and Bedford special teams carried the ball right back into Bulldog territory. Bedford was then able to run, pass and jump for another 32 yards but the Bulldogs were wearing them down.

Early in the third quarter, Canton nearly stopped Bedford from advancing when Bedford quarterback Mike O’Donnell slipped on the wet grass and fell. Bedford then suffered another 2 yard loss when the notorious “Bulldog Blitz” smashed through the Bedford offencive line. With just one minute left in the third quarter, the Bulldog quarterback threw his third successful pass to a Bedford receiver,which then gave the Bulldog defensive another opportunity to show their stuff.

Ten minutes into the fourth quarter, Bedford’s water boy, Cris Henkle, suited up and came into the game,only to carry the ball for Bedford’s fourth touchdown. Soon after,cheerleader Mary Sweet came in and ran the ball for 32 yards. This set up Bedford for a field goal and put them ahead 31-0.

With 31 seconds left,the Bulldogs proved that the game was not over and threw and astonishing 5 yard pass, but could not produce anything as the clock ran out. The only reason that the Bulldogs were able to keep the score so close was because of the tremendous effort by the Bulldog offensive line. One player that stood out was team co-captain , Brad Boulanger.

Known as “The Backbone” to his teammates, he and he alone, kept Bedford from scoring more, from passing more and from running more than they intended. Bedford will think twice about coming back to “his field”.

gcdef-ge-sackfumble1 Bulldog offensive brings down concession stand attendant, Steve Werner.


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